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Chilli Flakes

Chili powder is the dried out minced fruit of many assortments of chili pepper. It is used as a spice to add spiciness and aroma to dishes.

Chilies are recognized for their scorching aroma. Chili powder can also motivate the motion and enhance metabolism, giving a feeling of liveliness.

Cinnamon Marge

Cinnamon; the brown dried out bark of the cinnamon tree, which comes from the branches of natural trees that fit in to the group “Cinnamomum” (an evergreen lasting plant with spirally prearranged, broad laminated dark green leaves having palmate venation), is one of the most noteworthy and oldest spices cultivated in Sri Lanka.


Coffee is liked by millions of folks around the globe. It has a lovely and a strong flavor in the mouth. It is an excellent beverage inspired over the years. Coffee is the most admired sizzling drink nowadays. Coffee is perhaps the utmost resource of antioxidants in the universal diet. Coffee rejuvenates the mind and can make anyone sense recovery almost instantly.

Crushed pepper marge

The botanical name for pepper is “Piper Nigrum’’. It belongs to the Piperaceae family. Pepper is traditionally identified as the “King of all spices”. There are different kinds of pepper such as green pepper, black pepper and white pepper. In Sri Lanka pepper is grown mostly in hilly areas like Nuwara Eliya, kegalle, kurunegala, Kandy, and Matale. It is also grown in home gardens.

Curry powder

Curry powder is a mixture of many different spices and herbs finely grounded, such as turmeric, ginger, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, mustard, fenugreek, dried rampe and curry leaves, garlic, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and coriander, which is used for making curry. Many of these ingredients provide potential health benefits.

It is one of the most popular spices used in cooking. Curry powder gives such an exotic flavor, with its unique blend of healthy and enticing spices. Adding abit of curry powder to your cuisines enhances the taste and gives a golden color to your cuisines.

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