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Kodam Puli

The technical name for Goraka is ‘’Garcinia Cambogia’’. It belongs to the Clusiaceae family. Goraka is yellow in shade when it is fully grown and green when it is raw; it also looks like a small pumpkin. Goraka plant is a tiny green tree with blossoms, sessile and axillary.


Mace is originally from Nutmeg. It belongs to the Myristicaceae Family.The nutmeg fruit is like an apricot. It is yellow with red and green blots. The nutmeg tree is evergreen, grows in sandy soil and has diamond shaped leaves and minute yellow blossoms. When the bud comes out it gives a distinctive fragrance. When the fruit is fully grown the external flesh layered ruptures to expose the seed (Kernel). The kernel is enclosed by means of red crust called an aril which is the mace segment of the nutmeg. The aril is detached from the crust of the nutmeg and dried, which turns out into a golden brown mace. The aroma of mace is a mixture of pepper and cinnamon. Mace has a lovely and pungent flavor. Mace is also used in soups, cakes, desserts, puddings and also to flavor the sauces and vegetables. It has somewhat a warm taste and a smell like nutmeg. Mace stored in air tight containers has longer shelf life.

Maldive Fish

As the name suggests, it is originated from Maldives. Maldives fish is tuna fish cured by a traditional process of boiling, smoking and drying. Adding a little bit of Maldive fish for curries gives a good flavor. It is famous in Srilankan cuisine.


Paspanguwa is a compilation of five special herbal medicines. It gives quick recovery for influenza, headache, fever, body aches, sneezing, runny nose and improves appetite and body immunity.

Paspanguwa is a prehistoric therapy for generations in Srilanka. It is a trusted house therapy. It is based in Ayurveda. It uses the Ayurvedic theory for therapeutic and goodness.

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